Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer® and EFT Founding Master

“Jan Luther’s coaching is counseling on steroids. You will accomplish
more in 1 session with Jan than you would in 10 sessions of traditional
counseling. I will never do 
traditional counseling again.”
                                                ~ Martha Harbison   www.SeeingTheLight.org

“Let’s Dismantle the Machine That’s Causing All of Your Problems!”


Most of my clients come to me because they’ve reached the edge of their understanding. They’re in emotional pain and spiritual turmoil. Some are in need of skills for relationship building; others need relief from the human experiences of trauma, loss or life changes. Many are looking to clear the blocks and karma that are stalling their financial and business success. One thing all of my clients seem to have in common is that they are spiritual. Some are religious, too (the two not being the same nor exclusive of one another), and while they may not always be able to articulate their problem, what I know is this:

We’re all hungry to live our truth.

We are starving for permission and direction on how to take off the ego masks and lay down our emotional armor. We yearn to stand with the courage to speak freely from our hearts, actively live out our purpose and embody the full measure of our creation. My mission is to reveal the God IN you TO you and help you remove the suffering and confusion of living in the shadow of your human EGO past. I want to help you heal:

  • Disappointment  (Dissolve the dashed hopes that make us mope and strangle our faith.)
  • Shame  (Create indestructible self-worth, learn to trust and learn to expect and attract good in your life.)
  • Trauma  (Deal with trauma – past and present – including any Destructive Habits of Distraction© – addictions – that may have manifested as a way of coping with your pain and anger.)
  • Loss  (Recover from all types of loss, including Divorce, Death and Disease.)
  • Change  (Learn how to tame the voices of terror within you when facing change in your life.)

And because I know you will have sacred and specific spiritual beliefs, I vow to meet you there without judgment, contest or fear. I find it fascinating that because Divine Spirit is my guide, I can serve and be helpful to people from every walk of live, from any religious background, and have no struggle healing limiting beliefs and pain-filled stories. I have come to understand that healthy spiritual beliefs always center on Divine Love, compassion and service. And, if you believe in multiple lives (reincarnation), Spirit has blessed me with deep understandings of how to offer Soul Rejuvenation and Karmic Healing using a key I was given to access the Akashic records. As your spiritual coach, I will:

  • meet with you in person, by phone or by Skype for a 60-75 minute Spirit-led session
  • back my coaching sessions with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Imagine that your Soul is eagerly waiting to fill your life with joy. What will your next step be? I’d be honored to join you on your journey of discovery (and recovery) of the wonderful YOU that the world has been waiting for.

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"...I can't say enough good about Jan. I would love to shrink her and stick her on my shoulder and carry her around with me all the time!" ~ Christal Conard

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